Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nets (115) - Nuggets (70)

The best game of the year for this team. By far. The Nuggets are a top team in the west, with one of the NBA's top offenses and the Nets held them to 70 points, and 35% shooting. That is not a mistype, the Nets were rolling on all cylinders tonight to their largest victory in franchise history. I went to the game and it was something to watch, it is not every day that the Nuggets get beat at their own game. The Nets were running the ball at will, led by lightning quick Devin Harris who had 28 points. Tonight was one of those nights when Harris is 4 steps quicker than his opponent. He drove when he wanted, outclassed Chauncey Billups, and stopped at the foul line 17 times. He set the pace for the Nets tonight and his teammates were more than happy to follow. Anderson and Lopez continued their hot streaks as Anderson recorded his 1st career double-double (13 points, 12 boards) and Lopez just missed another one finishing with 15 points and 9 boards. The Nuggets could not find their shot all night as the Net d hampered them from all spots. This was another step for Lopez as well, in the fact that he held the athletically gifted Nene in check. This was a great game for the team and there isn't really much to elaborate on, the score says it all, this was all Nets all the time.

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