Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nets-Bobcats (2), Nets-Bulls, Nets-Pistons

I was way for all of these games so I can't comment insighfully on them, but I'll just make some borad observations. Even though Charlotte has been playing well since acquiring Boris Diaw and Raja Bell, they still aren't a very good team (they are the lowest scoring team in the league in fact), and the Nets should've won both games of the home-and-home. While on the topic of the Bobcats though I must say how happy I am they passed on Brook Lopez in June, it turned out great for us.

The Bulls had lost 7 straight road games coming into their game with the nets, and given the Nets recent struggles at home they of course snapped their streak at the Meadowlands.

The Detroit game I think should serve as a deterrent to anyone that wishes to criticize Vince Carter for not caring enough. I've never bought into the fact that VC doesn't really care about the game, he's just not an incredibly emotional guy, but neither is Eli Manning and he won a SuperBowl. It was also nice to see the Nets make a run in the second half, even without their best player, a good sign for the team.

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