Friday, January 2, 2009


This was a typical Nets-Heat game of recent years. The game was a hard fought battle right till the end with lots of back and forth play, and ultimately the Nets demise coming at the hands of perennial Net killers Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem. I only caught the second half but it was very exciting. The game was relatively fast paced, and the defense was poor on both sides but that's what made it exciting. The Nets defense had no good answer for Dwyane Wade as he was just unconscious. Trenton Hassell, probably their strongest perimeter defender played pretty good defense on Wade but Wade just hit tough shot after tough shot and many possesions there was really nothing the Nets could do. Wade finished with 43 points on the night, and he was the reason the Nets could never really get over the hump in the second half they'd cut the lead down to 3 or to 1 but Wade would always answer. The Nets finally did get over the hump though with a little over 2 minutes left but that lead wouldn't hold, especially since Wade got his usual treatment from the refs and was given a bailout foul call with under 5 seconds left on the shot clock when the clock ticked under 2 minutes. Wade's partner in crime, Udonis Haslem, delivered the dagger nailing a corner jumper with under 15 seconds to play and the shot clock at 2 to give the Heat a 5 point cushion that the Nets couldn't overcome.

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