Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Nets can't beat the Heat. This isn't just me sharing my opinion about the fact that the Heat have been and are better than the Nets, this is fact. The Nets played their 3rd down to the wire game with the Heat this season and lost for the 3rd time. I will point out that they were without Devin Harris for this game and the first meeting but still they need to beat this team especially considering the fact that they are so close in the standings. I was switching back and forth between this and the football games but I was there to see D-Wade dominate us yet again down the stretch. He hit some big free throws and tough jumpers in overtime to all but seal a Heat victory. The Nets were down 6 with 35 seconds left and actually made a valiant comeback to get it to 3 with just under 10 to go but Vince fresh off his game winner yesterday, forced up a bad 3 despite Keyon Dooling being wide open and there being 7 seconds to go. Just another chapter in the growing frustration that is playing the Miami Heat.

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