Friday, January 2, 2009


A very disheartening defeat. I only caught the 4th quarter of the game but obviously any time you have a 22 point lead and blow it, you can't be happy. The nets played pretty competitively throughout the first half of the fourth quarter and they were up 80-77 with about 5 and a half minutes to go, that's where the Jazz just started to systematically pull away from them. The Jazz went to a zone defense that the Nets could not break for the life of themselves, and went on an 11-0 spurt to all but seal the game. The Nets just really could not get anything going against the zone, they were really stifled by it, and their frustration at the offensive end started to get to them at the defensive end as well. Devin and Vince both played well, as did Brook Lopez but the Nets couldn't keep the momentum from their fast start and that cost them.

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