Friday, December 19, 2008


This game was much better than when these two teams met on Friday, especially for VC, he only shot 33% but had 20 points, 10 boards, and 5 assists. After another poor showing in the 3rd quarter and being down 11 early in the 4th the nets appeared done, but Harris led them roaring back. They were down 73-62 and harris had a 3 point play then a jumper and lay up to lead the Nets back, and he had VC on the bench. The nets ended up taking a 14 point lead 88 to 74 which was cut to 8 after 2 Raptor 3s. A series of made baskets by Toronto and missed foul shots by the Nets had them within 5 with under a minute to go but the Nets held on. The really didn't play great the first 3 quarters, especially harris, who didn't turn it on till the 4th but his 4th made up for his 1st 3. I loved the resiliency shown by the Nets to come back and win the game, and loved Ryan Anderson's 21 point, 9 rebound performance off the bench (he should be starting as Yi was ineffective yet again). He really does a lot more overall then Yi does in terms of defense, scoring, rebounding, and hustle. Despite the road victory, there's a warning sign flashing about missed free throws and the Nets inability to put teams away. The Raptors should've been done after being down 14 but the Nets let them hang around and almost come back. They can't do that and expect to compete for the playoffs, but overall they won a game they probably shouldn't have so you have to be pleased.

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