Friday, December 19, 2008


Was going to go to this game but couldn't and thankfully I didn't. The Nets stayed competitive in the first half despite shooting horribly as they were only down 6. The nets then proceeded to have another horrific 3rd quarter peformance and were down 18 going into the fourth. I've tried to erase this game from my memory so I don't have much to comment about it. Really there's not too much too look into here, when you shoot under 30% before garbage time and finish shooting 32% and 26% from 3 point range you aren't going to win, especially when your best player goes a whopping 0 for 13 (I'm referring to VC in case you were wondering. He's still their go to guy despite Harris' spectacular play recently). He finished with a whopping 3 points and was just so off all night, his shots weren't even close, and his game was just really representative of the way the Nets played as a whole. Just a bad game. A bad, bad game.

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