Friday, December 19, 2008


Went to this game, and it was exciting at first before turning infuriating. The Nets were awesome in the first quarter as Devin scored 14 points (finished with 32) in the first 4 and a half minutes and they had a double digit lead about halfway through the quarter. Thye were playing into the Knicks hands though pushing the tempo and taking a lot of outside jumpers instead of trying to slow the game down and take advantage of the size advantage they had with Lopez at the 5 versus David Lee (who is only 6 foot 9). Since they didn't slow it down Lopez was totally ineffective and even detrimental because he couldn't keep up with the game's fast pace and was not good in the up-tempo offense. Yi started well hiting a 3 in the first and playing very agressive as he had an alley oop from Harris and slammed home a putback dunk but then he like the Nets went down hill and he was a big reason for that. The Nets were up by 16 points at one point in the first half but were only up 6 at halftime. The 3rd quarter was awful as Al Harrington (39 points, 13 rebounds) took Yi to school, beating him off the dribble then when Yi stepped off Harrington would knock down the outside shot. My dad always use to tell me to stay square on defense and not turn my feet, and he would say that so many times he was like a broken record... well Yi could surely use my dad in his ear right now. When playing defense as soon as someone puts the ball on the floor Yi turns his feet allowing them to blow by him. Frank was too slow to take Yi out and when he did it was too late. L-Frank refuses to play matchups, Sean Williams would have been well suited to guard Harrington or his counterparts (Wilson Chandler who had 24 points and 11 boards, and Tim Thomas who had 26 points off the bench) because of his length, quickness, and athleticism, but he didn't play till late and the Nets suffered. The Nets cut the Knicks double digit second half lead to 6 with 5 minutes to play before Wilson Chandler hit a 3 and got fouled forcing me and my dad to the exits.

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