Friday, December 19, 2008


Good performance a night after an easy win over the T-Wolves. The Nets had to work harder in this one against a Sixer team without Elton Brand, but that wasn't necessarily bad for them as he has yet to mesh with the run and gun young talent that led the Sixers to the playoffs last year and they played pretty decently without him. Another well rounded effort from the Nets as they got solid contributions from Simmons (11 pts) and Yi (12 pts and 7 boards) in addition to the usual performances from VC who narrowly missed a triple dobuel (14 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists) and Harris (27 points and 8 assists). Also nice contributions from Anderson and Swift off the bench. The Nets led most of the way but they let the Sixers hang around for longer than you would like, but they won so that's really all you can ask for. Another observation I made is that Keyon Dooling is quickly becoming a go to guy in the clutch, he hit some big 3s against Sacramento in their OT victory, and he hit another big 3 late in the game tonight to put it in the bag for the Nets despite only shooting 2 for 9 overall. That kind of mental toughness kind of embodies the toughness the Nets have shown late in games lately which is something you didn't see at all last year.

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