Sunday, December 7, 2008


What a dud. I unfortunately went to the game and witnessed their performance in person and it was painful at times. My thoughts: 1) I've noticed with Bobby Simmons that he seems to have a solid 1st quarter, hitting a 3, playing good defense, then when he comes out, usually for a long stretch, he never seems to regain his rhythm. This was on full display tonight as he played well at first but in the 3rd quarter when presented with 3-4 open looks in the first few minutes he couldn't buy a bucket. Ditto for Yi who was horrible in the 2nd half. 2) I'll give the Nets a pass for this game, they always struggle in their 1st game back from a west coast trip, losing to the Wiz this year and the Grizzlies last year. I'll cut them some slack since they came back after this game and won 2 straight. 3)The nets don't close out on 3 point shooters, the Wiz buried them with 3 after 3 in the 3rd quarter. The nets play too loose on the perimeter, they have some quick defenders like Harris, Simmons, and Carter, Dooling also, and there's no reason they shouldn't be able to handle playing tight on the perimeter. Their perimeter d is too soft for the time being. 4) Good to see CDR back, he didn't play till garbage time but he showed flashes. Got to the paint a few times and knocked down a shot or two, nothing spectacular but another positive sign for the Nets.

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