Friday, December 19, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile bloggers, but I've been very busy. Now I'll do make up postings. This game was a great bounceback to the dud they threw up against the Wiz before this. It was an easy game, the T-Wolves didn't play too well cause frankly they aren't that good. This was also a very well rounded effort for the Nets as they had 7 players score in double figures, and got contributions from the entire team. The entire starting 5 scored in double digits (Simmons, Yi, Harris, VC, Lopez) and Hayes and Dooling did as well, Carter led the charge with 18 points. Stromile Swift and Ryan Anderson also gave good minutes off the bench, and Lopez finished with 10 boards for a double-double, continuing his stellar play. Nice break for Devin and Vince as well as they only played 32 and 34 minutes respectively. Overall, the Nets "made the next team pay" as Vince said they had too after the Washington debacle. Another side note, tonight marked the return of Jason Collins to the Meadowlands. he got a mixed reaction from the fans. I always liked Collins, he was undervalued both by the fans and media I thought. He was truly an outstanding interior defender and was great at doing the intangible: setting screens, boxing out, etc. He did exactly what the Nets asked of him every night and was the ultimate team player, just an overall class act. I did a basketball camp of his once and he was very engaging and really took a lot of time with the kids. It was nice to see him back in the place where he did a lot of good things for a long time.

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Jon said...

Interesting take as always.
I'm sure Jason Collins would appreciate knowing that some Nets fans appreciated all he did for the team. Keep up the solid analysis.