Saturday, October 18, 2008

Celtics 111, Nets 108

Went to the Nets-Celts pre-season game Thursday, here are some observations:

1) large crowd for a preseason game, much larger than could have been expected

2) lawrence frank doesnt deserve to be head coach, its a meaningless preseason game and he has devin harris playing 30 minutes, frank has a tendency to play his starters extended minutes, why wear them out during the PRE-season? Each time Devin Harris would collide with Glen Davis, all i was thinking was why subject him to that behomoth of a player 2 weeks before games start to mean something. Also limited minutes for guys fighting for roster spots like Mo Ager, Eddie Gill, and Julius Hodge, why not let them take the hits from davis and see what they can bring to the table in game situations.

3) Yi is soft on defense. He doesn't man up and can't stay with quicker players, turns his body alot allowing opposing players easy access to the rim. Picked up 4 fouls early so some tentativness lies in the foul trouble but he was unimpressive even before getting in trouble. He has a nice stroke but other than his shooting his offensive game is less than impressive, he's very clumsy with the ball and seems disbombulated at times.

4) Josh Boone will be a solid contributor this season and beyond. He blocked or altered at least 5 shots while I was there (till midway through the 3rd), rebounded well, and he also showed some limited shooting range something he had none of last year.

5) Backup guards Keyon Dooling and CDR are both players who can create on their own and Dooling is a pesky defender as well as a pretty good shooter

6) Expect little out of the small forward position this year. With Najera and Hayes out that leaves Bobby Simmons and Trenton Hassell, you barely noticed when they were on the floor, hardly touching it on offense.

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Anonymous said...

was at the game too. agree with your analysis. L Frank is the worst. Why were Devin and Vince on the floor with 45 seconds to go in the second quarter?