Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nets-Celtics and Nets-Knicks

Didn't see any of Nets-Celts game Sunday though Ryan Anderson had an impressive day on the stat sheet returning from his shoulder injury, he finished 5 of 11 shooting for 20 points and Yi chipped in 10 on 5 of 9 shooting. Team only scored 66 points though and VC didnt play so maybe a sign of how porous the offense will look if hes not in uniform. Caught the end of Nets-Knicks game yesterday and 2 players stood out in final 5 minutes of the game: Brook Lopez and Julius Hodge. Lopez was a low post presence on both sides of the court showing off some offensive versaitlity in the post, making a series of nice moves on Eddy Curry. He also had a defensive presence blocking a shot and forcing players to shoot floaters over the top of him, some went in but he's forcing players to adjust their shots when they get in the paint which is something no net defender has been able to do since kenyon martin left town. Hodge has impressive length, he plays a little like keyon dooling which is why i think he'd be a good fit on the team. He has improved his ball handling skills markedly, and is working on developing a consistent mid range game and a defensive presence, many of the things dooling brings to the table, so i think hodge would be a good guy to have around in case dooling gets hurt and to also contribute in certain sets as a point foward.

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A very solid analysis. I am not much of a basketball fan, but your analysis makes the Nets easy to follow. I will definitely be checking in over the course of the season. Glad to hear Hodge is making strides - I hope he makes the cut.