Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Small Forward

Today we will look at the small forward position

Small Forwards: Bobby Simmons, Eduardo Najera, Jarvis Hayes, Trenton Hassell

This is by far the Nets weakest position on the roster. This position has taken a severe hit with the trade of RJ. Simmons who was acquired in the RJ trade will be the starter. Best case scenario for him is he becomes a reliable 3rd scoring option, averaging double digit points per game, nailing his open shots, and becoming a solid defender on the wing. Worst case is that he becomes one of the least deserving and more unproductive starters in the NBA. I think he will fall somewhere in the middle, he will be a solid defender and decent scorer, don't think he will be the 3rd scorer on the team. Most of his opportunities to score will come from getting open shots so he has to be able to hit those. Najera provides toughness, defense, and rebounding off the bench, he was brought in for the same reasons as Keyon Dooling. He's exactly the kind of player you want coming in for 15-20 minutes a game off the bench and doing all the dirty work. Will also be a veteran presence in the locker room that commands respect. Ideal player for L-Frank's system he also has the ability to step outside and shoot, but his offense is not the reason he was brought here, and won't be the reason he gets on the court. Hayes is an unknown, he has to stay healthy and be a consistent 3 point shooter to see minutes. He's unimpressive defensively and shouldn't get minutes if he can't shoot from outside or improve his defensive play. Figure him to have some big games and some where he doesn't leave the bench. Hassell is a lock-down defender and will see situational minutes. He's the kind of player you bring in during the last 2 minutes and subsitute out offense-defense. A non-factor on offense, only tries to score when he has wide open looks. Will see minutes when defense is poor, or to be a stopper.
All these guys are solid role players but i woudln't feel comfortable having any of them play 30+ minutes a night.

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