Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shooting Guards

Today we will look at the shooting guard position

Shooting Guards: Vince Carter, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Mo Ager, Brian Hamilton (possibly)

Vince will need to be a star this year, the success of the team depends on his health and production. He really picked up his play after the Kidd trade last year and must continue playing at the superstar level of which hes capable. However he must not take on a Kobe Bryant-esque attitude and not have any trust in his teammates and try to play 1-on-5, that helps noboby. He must be willing to carry the load but also be patient with the talent around him in order for them to be successful. Must also take on leadership role, has to be someone the young players feel they can look to in the 4th quarter or after a tough loss. CDR should impress, if you watch him play he's incredibly awkward in his style and the way he looks on the court, his shooting style is also unconventional. Despite these atypical characteristics, the man can play. he's stellar off the dribble and attacks the rim, he can also can defend pretty well. Should help make up for the loss of RJ, as they have similiar attributes on the wing. Must develop a consistent mid range shooting game. Mo Ager will probably not see many minutes here, he may even get cut. hes small for an nba player and to have any chance of playing or even staying on the team he must prove he can shoot lights out from outside. Hamilton is a camp invitee but is extremely atheltic, and a lock-down defender; nets must make other moves in order to find spot for him on roster. Jarvis Hayes, and Keyon Dooling will also see minutes here


-Gerard Himself- said...

Hey man, cool blog you've got here. A Nets fan myself (although I'm from The Netherlands), I'm actually kinda excited for the upcoming season. I really hope Frank will find minutes for CDR though. Since I'm a foreigner, it's cool to read about another Nets fan actually being able to see the guys practice, etc. Keep up with the blogging, and if you ever have the time, check mine too.

DGM said...

thanks for the nice words gerard. im excited about the season as well, think we have a good crop of young talent and would like to see their development. seeing anderson play at the open practice and watching some summer league games i think hes gonna be a star, he just knows how to play the game. lopez will also be fun to watch, same with CDR, i hope those 3 can all find minutes from l-frank. i checked it your blog, very nice job