Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nets Open Practice

I attended the Nets open practice today at Ramapo College. It was a pretty full house with about 800 people there. Practice started with a Blue-White scrimmage, the rosters looked like this:

BLUE: Vince Carter, Eddie Gill, Sean Williams, Ryan Anderson, Mo Ager, Julius Hodge, Stromile Swift, and Trenton Hassell

WHITE: Yi, Devin Harris, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Brook Lopez, Josh Boone, Brian Hamilton, and Bobby Simmons

Eduardo Najera, Keyon Dooling, Jarvis Hayes, and Awvee Storey didn't play due to injuries

Ryan Anderson looked very good, he has the touch and range to shoot from downtown, but he doesn't settle and is very agressive. he also does the dirty work down though keeping the ball alive and getting rebounds. Look for him to surprise alot of people this year.

Stromile Swift alos impressed, the man has a ton of athleticism and talent, hopefully he will finally get his head straight, everyone talks about Sean Williams maturing and capatilizing on his potential but look for Stromile Swift to do so also this year. Williams also played well in the scrimmage.

Carter took over a few times including a monster dunk at 1 point. brook lopez also showed some promise down low, hes a presence down there and will need to be respected when in the game, also has range to shoot from 15-18 feet.

Yi and Bobby Simmons the package we got for Richard Jefferson didn't impress. Yi was unagressive and missed a lot of open shots. Simmons was barely noticeable.

The practice ended with some interactive games with fans and some autograph signing.

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