Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Power Fowards

Today we will look at the power foward position for the upcoming season.

Power Fowards: Yi Jianlian, Ryan Anderson, Sean Williams, Stromile Swift

This is the deepest position on the Nets roster as they have a lot of young talent stockpiled at this position, as well as some veterans who can play here. Yi will be the the starter and get alot of minutes. He looked very good in his 1st game scoring 17 points and showing a nice chemistry with Vince. He will need to consistently knock down those 15-18 foot jumpers because he will see alot of open shots and pick and flares, or get open looks on the perimeter as a result of the dribble drive offense. He has a nice stroke, solid passing skills, and can be a good rebounder if he wants to. He tends to shy away from mixing it up and stand around on the perimeter offensively/settle for outside shots and not be aggressive with the ball. If he becomes more assertive and shows he can be a legitimate threat that the defense has to respect from outside he will turn into a very good player for the Nets. I would limit his minutes early on at about 30 a game to prevent him from hitting the wall he hit last year because he has played a lot of basketball in tis past 12 months. Anderson will become a very solid player in this league. He has a great stroke, is agressive on offense, and has a Jason Kidd-like knack for knowing where the ball will go when rebounding. He must work on his defense and strength but expect him to contribute alot more this season than people think. I wouldnt be surprised if he became the best player out of the Nets draft class from this year. Sean Williams is a project, he has incredible potential but needs to reach it. He is an unbelievable athlete, and an extremely versatile defender he can defend any position on the floor. All reports out of camp are that he has been very impressive, he has matured and improved his offensive game. If he can cut down on his mental lapses expect to see him play alot, also expect to see him shift around and play anywhere from the 3 to the 5 position. Swift is like an older version of Williams, he has boatloads of talent but hasnt reached his potential. the major difference though is Swift is entering year 7 of his Nba career while Williams is entering year 2, though some people expect him to get his act together since this is a contract year for him. Expect to see him play occasionally, he probably wont crack the regular rotation. Najera will also see minutes here in addition to at the 3

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