Friday, October 3, 2008



Welcome to my Nothing But 15 Nets blog. I am a die-hard fan, and follow the team's every move to a T. I am creating this to share my thoughts on the team, and to create a place to discuss the Nets because I don't know too many people who follow the team closely, and would love to engage with others who follow the team.

I will start off the blog by doing outlooks for the season based on position, today i'll look at the point guard position.

Point Guard: Devin Harris, Keyon Dooling, Julius Hodge (hopefully)

i like what we have at the position, harris is extremely close to becoming a top 10 pg if hes not 1 already. he needs to step up and live up to his defensive reputation which suffered after his ankle injury though, and be a consistent mid range shooter. I like the pickup of Dooling, hes he kind of player L-Frank has wanted for quite some time, hes hard nosed, defensive minded, and can knock down shots when needed. Will provide energy off the bench that was lacking last year. Dissapointed to see Marcus Williams go, he had so much talent, and when given significant playing time he put up some very solid numbers. However if team is emphasizing the "team" concept and defensive accountablity i could see where marcus didn't fit into those plans. Julius is low-risk, high reward guy they should sign, played well in scrimmages, was a playmaker with ability to create for himself at NC State and still young enough to capitalize on his potential

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Cliffy said...

hey, nice to have you on board, I'm a fellow Nets blogger myself. :)

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