Sunday, November 23, 2008


Went to the game on Tuesday, was exciting for the 1st half when the Nets were playing well and keeping Lebron's supporting cast in check, but the game became unbearable after halftime and i left with 5 minutes to go. My thoughts: 1) Yi epitomizes the term "streak shooter". He hit his first 2 shots of the game, then was not heard from the rest of the game as he struggled: to find his touch, on defense, and with his ball handling. He must play more consistently over the course of games, and not just play well in isolated 2-3 minute spurts. Also, Yi missing a pair of free throws when the nets were down 58-52 ultimately led the Nets further downhill, and was really their last chance to get back in the game. 2) The Nets perimeter defense is lackluster. They have trouble closing out on 3 point shooters and left the Cavs plethora of perimeter weapons open, wide open actually. Delonte West and Mo Williams led the charge after halftime helping catapult the Cavs to a 12-0 run to make it 61-52 Cavs just a few minutes into the 3rd. Also every time the Nets woul score a few points, their momentum would be killed with another Cav 3 pointer. 3) The Nets must be able to come up with other scoring option when VC is having an off night, he was 3-12 shooting, and they scored only 82 points, there's definately a correlation between those numbers. 4)Brook Lopez is emerging as a potent offensive weapon for the Nets. He has a really nice array of post moves and is very comfortable getting the ball on th blocks and taking the defender 1-on-1. This is something the Nets have lacked for as long as I've been a fan a consistent offensive player on the blocks. Overall, the game was not one of the nets better performances, they couldn't find a rhythm in the 2nd half, and weren't ready for the cavs 3 point onslaught.

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