Sunday, November 9, 2008


What an exciting victory, a nice win for the team to get back on track after playing poorly in their last 2 games. My observations:

1) Devin Harris was the star. He had a career-night scoring 38 points and toughing out the last of the 3rd quarter and entire 4th quarter with a bum ankle. He was on in all facets of his game. He had showed a nice touch in his midrange game forcing the defense to respect him and play up on him. When defenses are forced to respect his jumper, he can blow by them for easy scores and that is exactly what he did shooting 24 foul shots. He was in total control of the offense this game, knowing when to push the tempo and when to pull back and run the set offense which was very nice to see considering he had been playing a bit schizophrenically the previous few games, as he was all over the place.

2) Josh Boone is developing into a Udonis Haslem-esque player. He is like a vaccum on the boards, something the Nets have desperately needed for quite some time and he does it on both ends. He also is improving his offensive game, developing a game within 10-15 feet, when 2 years ago him shooting outside 4 feet had you covering your eyes. He's playing very agressively, definetly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the low block.

3) Yi continued to be inconsistent. After a great opening night performance, Yi played poorly the next 2 nights then came back with 12 points and 9 rebounds last night, but he did foul out.

4) Eduardo Najera has replaced Ryan Anderson in the rotation. Don't like this move, Anderson was showing a lot of progress in the 1st few games, showing good range on his jumper and also good rebounding ability. He is an offensive threat while Najera is not and with the Nets struggling to score points in some games, I think they shouldn't be benching Anderson, a guy that can stretch defenses and open things up in the paint.

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