Friday, November 7, 2008

Nets-Warriors, Nets-Suns

Went to the home opener on Saturday, here are some observations I had:

1) Poor turnout for home oepner, the arena was probably 3/4 full, not what you want on opening night

2) The center tandem of Boone and Lopez has alot of talent, Boone has become a very tough interior defender showing alot of agression and shot blocking abaility. He can also rebound well and score, he gets a lot of point blank looks but he must convert more of them. Lopez has a ton of offensive talent, every time he touches the ball you just see he can do things with it.

3) Devin Harris looked disoriented offensively. He was very sloppy, running 1 on 3 fast breaks and seeming lost within the tempo of the offense. He had alot of shots blocked and didnt seem to mesh with the other players on the floor well.

4) L-Frank needs to play matchups. He has said he's going 10 deep this season and Sean Williams didn't start out as 1 of the 10 guys in the rotation, but he should've been on the floor Saturday cause the Warriors are so athletic and they have their 4 man standing on the perimeter shooting 3s and Sean Williams with his long wingspan and athleticism would've been a good matchup against the likes of Al Harrington and Corey Maggette.

5) Maybe the Nets were right giving up on Marcus Williams. He didn't sniff court time for the Warriors and he coudl've helped them cause Damarcus Nelson and CJ Watson aren't true points and you could see it. The Warriors didn't even pick up his option for next season. Looks like ahe could an utter waste of alot of talent.

6) Sat near Chris Mullin and Mitch Richmond which was really cool


Didnt see the game but obviously the final score was not something you liked to see

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