Saturday, November 29, 2008


Over .500, what an accomplishment. Nobody, not even myself, the biggest optimist for the nets there is could have envisioned this. I am ecstatic over this victory, you had Vince showing he's healthy and back after leaving the Kings game with a hamstring injury, and you had Devin continuing his meteoric ascent to the level of elite NBA point guards like his counterpart, Deron Williams. Despite missing Carlos Boozer and having Andrei Kirlenko sidelined after getting injured, the Jazz are still a quality team led by Williams and their arena is known as one of the most hostile environments for visiting teams in the NBA. For the Nets to come in to utah and win by 17 is a big accomplishment. Also glad to see Stro Swift return, i dont know how much of an immediate impact he will have but it's always good to have flexibility and the more bodies that are healthy the more flexiblility the coach has with his team.

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