Sunday, November 9, 2008


Bad follow up to the exhilarating win on Friday. My thoughts:

1) The Nets need another ball handler. Keyon Dooling has only started 37 games in his 470 game career and there's a reason why, he's not a starting caliber player. He is great as a guy that come in for 20-25 minutes providing good defense, and some decent scoring ability, but as a starting PG he's nowhere near where he needs to be. He's more of a combo guard, not even a natural point, and after him the Nets have nobody to bring in off the bench to handle the ball since Harris is out. he had 17 points but if Harris goes out for a long period of time, they will need another player to complement Dooling. I will again recommend the Nets call the Grizzlies front office and offer Sean Williams or a 1st round pick for Kyle Lowry or Javaris Crittenton, with OJ Mayo and Mike Conley playing well, one of those 2 guys is expendable and either 1 could definately help the Nets.

2) The inconsistent Yi show continues as Yi was awful last night, he had 11 rebounds but shot 1 for 10 and looked lost offensively.

3) Ryan Anderson should be playing. Yes Najera provides more of a defensive edge and presence but he can't score, and when your #2 scorer is out and you score 80 points against one of the league's weaker defenses you need to be thinking offense, which means thinking Ryan Anderson.

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