Sunday, November 23, 2008


Only got to catch the last minute and a half of overtime of this game, but that was all I needed to see to know that this was a special victory. That was one of the most exciting minute and a halves of basketball I ever watched, really great game, my observations from the box score, the last minute, and highlights: 1) I'm really happy for VC, i think he's so wrongly persecuted by everyone outside of NJ, and he really is a great player and a good person also. I love to see him thrive in that hostile environment, the boos from Toronto are somewhat deserved, but he gets booed and chewed out everywhere by fans and media alike and it's not right. He plays very hard each night, and he really does have top 10 NBA talent, I don't think you can get much better than the game tying 3, the game winning dunk and also 39 points, 9 boards, and 6 assists. He was awesome. 2) Devin Harris continues to be a great sidekick for Vince, as he was the big reason the Nets got back into the agem after being down 18, playing tough d, forcing turnovers, and scoring easy buckets. He is really justifying that Jason Kidd trade. 3) The Nets role players continue to step up. Brook Lopez is begginning to perform well on a regular basis as a 3rd scorer, and it seems like each night other role guys step up as well. Tonight Jarvis Hayes had 14 points and 6 boards while Simmons finished with 8 and 8. The continued improvement of guys 3-15 is integral to the Nets success this season and beyond.

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