Saturday, November 29, 2008


Nets stayed competetive in the 1st half of this one, holding Kobe Bryant down and forcing the role players to beat them (the Lakers have the best role players in the game though). The 3rd quarter everything fell apart for them, they couldn't score, and the Lakers were just slicing through their defense. I shut it off 2 minutes into the 4th cause I couldn't watch them play listlessly any longer. Even though they were blown out, the 1st half is definately a positive of this game as they showed they can hang around with the NBA's best even if just for 1 half. The Lakers are really good also, I mean they have 3 all-star palyers in their lineup with Kobe, Andrew Bynum, and Pau Gasol, then Derek Fisher also who is just one of those solid basketball player, never spectacular but he always does what he needs to do. Also Lamar Odom is their 6th man, he would be a starter anywhere else but on the Lakers they have enough scoring and talent to bring him off the bench. Also guys like Jordan Farmar and Trevor Ariza are really developing nicely, making the Lakers a tough team to play.

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