Sunday, November 23, 2008


Went to last night's game and loved the performance. My observations: 1) Bobby Simmons had his best game as a Net thus far. He got the Nets going in the first quarter hitting 3 threes, and playing good defense. he also shot consistently throughout the game and played solid d on Al Thornton and Ricky Davis. If he can shoot well and provide good d like last night regularly that would be a huge plus for the Nets, huge. 2) Yi broke out of his slump and did something he really hadn't done since opening night. He played well from start to finish, and did more then just shoot. While his shooting was on Yi also played good defense including a big rejection in the 3rd quarter, and showed flashes of contributing in more way than with just his shooting ability. Playing well through the course of a whole game is something Yi has struggled with so to see him do that, was a big positive. 3) All starters scored in double figures, showing the nets had a real team effort to win the game, and showing that they have the talent to produce from 3 to 15 at a level nobody would have expected before the season. 4) Brook Lopez is a very good player, finishing with another double dobule, the rookie from Stanford is quickly making a push to remain the starting center, even after Josh Boone returns. I like this move cause I think boone would do really well as an energy guy off the bench kind of like Keyon Dooling is, cause he provides strong rebounding, and solid d which can only help the 2nd unit. 5) Marcus Camby and Baron Davis are clearly frustrated on this Clipper team, you could just see it on their faces late in the game and when they came to the bench. This season can't possibly be going the way they envisioned.

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